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A natural colon cleanser, safe for everyday use

Our GO-SO-CLEAN® colon cleanser products support cleansing your colon and your whole system, promoting regular and soft bowel movements, improved digestion, a healthy gut and a stress free lifestyle. GO-CLEAN-LIFE made it our mission to find quality natural products that are, under normal circumstances, safe to use daily with a full glass of water – and is, therefore, non-habit forming.

GO-SO-CLEAN® Cleansing Dietary Supplement capsule

  • Offers a regular & gentle bowel movement, naturally.*
  • Contains natural herbs with properties to assist in cleansing the body and colon, getting rid of the waste products in our bodies for a healthy digestive function.*
  • Colon cleansing product that also supports your digestive health.*
  • Kosher, caffeine free, preservatives free, GMO free and non-habit forming.*

GO-SO-CLEAN® Lemon-Mint Supplement Tea

  • Natural botanical ingredients.
  • GO-SO-CLEAN® tea is a natural herbal tea, with potentially soothing, comforting and cleansing qualities for your body system. *
  • A healthy body system can Support wellness. *
  • Supports and maintains smooth bowel movements, and assists with digestion and mild occasional constipation. *
  • This cleansing dietary supplement tea also supports the metabolism. *
  • Natural, of plant origin, herbal and safe to use. It contains no preservatives or food coloring.
  • This product is caffeine free
  • This product is a Kosher product from Israel.


Please send us your testimonials to office@go-clean-life.com so we can share it with our fellow GO-CLEAN-LIFE family.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Hayim Tahor INC d.b.a Go Clean Life
24714 Magnolia FLS, San Antonio, Texas 78261
Email: office@go-clean-life.com
Telephone: 956-282-2474
Manufactured in Israel, Kosher


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Get in Touch

Hayim Tahor INC d.b.a Go Clean Life
24714 Magnolia FLS, San Antonio, Texas 78261
Email: office@go-clean-life.com
Telephone: 956-282-2474
Manufactured in Israel, Kosher

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