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I have to tell you!


My name is Retah Mc Pherson, I am a public speaker and due to my work, I travel all around the world. Travelling itself is a lifestyle, and very hard on one’s body.


To consume enough water is difficult when flying many hours overseas. To eat fresh fruit and vegetables are a challenge, even eating food served on the flights is not the healthiest for your body.

Eating late night meals after meetings, or just eating anything, like fast food, is not helpful to your system at all.


So – the result of many years of travelling, and a stressful schedule – added to a spastic colon.


The truth is that when I look back in my life, this condition of constipation was always part of my life. My work and many hours of travelling just made it worse.


When I turned 50, I realized that I cannot live with this condition any longer.


Feeling bloated, having a painful tummy, and not able to cleanse, had a very bad effect on my life.


Yes, I did try EVERYTHING on the market – of course, nothing worked! Some products had such a hard, stressful effect on my colon – and I had to endure a lot of pain “there alone… on my own… on the seat” – but still without any positive results. If I have to describe the pain, I would have to compare it to something similar as “labour pains”, and no woman wants to experience that kind of pain on a daily basis. I know that men do not have an understanding of this kind of pain – but just imagine a woman’s face when giving birth – the sounds, the groaning – that says it all!


I know that it is not advisable to drink a product every day if it is not a Complete NATURAL PRODUCT. We have to clean our whole system naturally.


Eventually I had to go for a colonoscopy and afterwards the Dr told me. “Mrs. Mc Pherson, you have to find something that you can use daily to help you naturally CLEANSE your whole system. And for that you need a Complete NATURAL PRODUCT”.


I thought to myself – Really? I have tried many “so called natural” –  products before. Not only did the toxic debris in my colon came out with a big bang! – but at the same time, it felt as though I was going to lose all of my intestines as well! It was very, very hard on my body and I knew that I could not go through it again.


After lengthy research, I found a complete NATURAL PRODUCT in Israel. After taking one capsule with a full glass of water at night and CLEANSING soft and gentle the next morning, I knew it was the product that I had to use for the rest of my life.


I was very excited about the fact that I only had to drink one capsule daily. I experienced an instant relief, and the beauty of this product is that it is so gentle on my colon.

As my whole system was cleansed, I could immediately see a difference, I had a healthier skin.

What I personally experienced was a kick start on my metabolism, and that was a huge plus for weight control.

Nobody gets away from this one…. We all need to cleanse our systems.


I recommend taking one capsule daily with a full glass of water. Now, that being said, tongue in the cheek, if you have people on your payroll – to these guys, I will not recommend more than one capsule per day.

One is more than enough!


I like to drink the capsule at night, knowing come morning, according to my experience everything will CLEANSE soft and gentle.


If your colon is blocked – of course you can go big and have more than one capsule per day, up to 3 capsules can be taken. But pace yourself! I have found that when a colon is blocked, you will experience a little bit of discomfort, as the product has to break up all the hard debris in your colon – but after that, I never experienced any pain. I just need to maintain a daily natural healthy habit.


To have a clean system is all that I want. It is known that in today’s hectic live, the reason why people get so sick, is because of all the toxins and debris in our bodies.


I have 100 % confidence in the product – that is why I want to share with you GO-SO-CLEAN complete NATURAL CAPSULES imported from Israel.


You are more than welcome to let me know how you experienced the product. I would love to hear your personal experience!



Retah McPherson

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