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Cleansing Dietary Supplement Capsule

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GO-SO-CLEAN® capsule is a natural cleansing dietary supplement in an easy to swallow capsule to be taken with a full glass of water. It contains great cleansing properties and promotes healthy benefits for your whole body.

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An exceptional natural product with cleansing properties that promotes healthy benefits for your whole system

  • Promotes a healthy, regular, easy and effective bowel movement*
  • Contains a blend of natural extract of fruit, seed and plants*
  • Safe to use daily and non-habit forming (very effective for elderly people)*
  • Effective in assisting your digestive system and cleansing your colon*
  • It even promotes and assists in kick starting a lazy colon*
  • Facilitates cleansing the dead foods in the colon that leads to poor digestion*
  • Promotes relief from occasional mild constipation*
  • Aids in digestion*
  • Kosher, as well as free from GMO and preservatives*


1 review for Cleansing Dietary Supplement Capsule

  1. Lisa

    This product sorted out my IBS for life. I feel safe to drink it everyday, and my body loves me for it. I can even feel a difference in my energy levels, and I’m never bloated anymore. This is a miracle pill – I can’t believe it’s all natural!

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